What is the Toyota RAV4 2016 fuel economy?

What is the Toyota RAV4 2016 fuel economy?

Fuel consumption is one of the important factors when choosing a car in the current economic conditions. This page provides information on real and official fuel consumption of Toyota RAV4 2016.

2016 Toyota RAV4: retaining all its positive qualities, the car is rejuvenated, bright and exciting.

Toyota RAV4 2016 Fuel Economy Diesel

Under the hood, the 2016 Toyota RAV4 has a 2.2l engine of a 150-horsepower 2AD-FHV turbodiesel. There are no big problems with him. This engine has the same service mileage as gasoline engines (6213.712 mi). The main thing is to change the oil on time, fill in high-quality fuel and take care of the turbine. Then the resource of the motor will be hundreds of thousand of miles. Paired with a 2.2 engine, a six-band “automatic” works here. And it’s hard to find fault with him. Gear changes occur on time and smoothly, they can only be tracked by the movement of the tachometer needle

About the expense. What many people buy a diesel car for. In the combined cycle, the 2016 Toyota RAV4 consumes in the region of 26,14- 23,52  MPG.  Excellent result. And if you also remember what numbers were shown by the gasoline version of Toyota RAV4 2016 (3,963 gal ), then it becomes doubly pleasant.

Toyota RAV4 2016 Fuel Economy Hybrid

Thanks to the hybrid engine, the Toyota RAV4 has good technical characteristics. The car is energy efficient and has low fuel consumption. It is driven by 196 hpM, generated by electric and gasoline engines. Maximum SUV speed – 111.85 mph

The car is driven by gasoline and electric engines. The gasoline 16-valve 4-cylinder engine has a displacement of 2.4l and delivers a total power of 196 hpM

The 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is the most powerful and economical hybrid in the entire 2016 lineup. It has good technical performance and an affordable price for an SUV. Having analyzed the characteristics of the closest competitors of the RAV4, we can say that this car surpasses its rivals in terms of economy and efficiency.

The volume of the tank is 56l. Vehicle fuel consumption is:

  • in the city – 46,12 MPG;

  • outside the city – 58,81 MPG 

Toyota RAV4 2016 fuel economy petrol

The tested Toyota RAV4 2016 models achieved an average fuel consumption of 26,14 MPG (19,6 MPG city and 26,14 MPG highway). With the all-wheel drive function, the consumption increased to 21,38 MPG ( 19,6 MPG in the city and 26,14 MPG on the highway). Not the best performance in the segment.

But the hybrid version showed good results with an average consumption 29,4 MPG(29,4 MPG city and 36,75 MPG highway).

The most economical among all petrol versions of the crossover is the version with a 2l engine, variator and front axle drive. It consumes on average about 33,6 MPG . Fuel consumption of the Toyota RAV4 2,5l in combined driving mode is 29,4 MPG.

Fuel consumption for Toyota RAV4 2016 MPG figures:

Engine type – gasoline Transmission – variator Engine displacement – 2l 

Official :

36.75 highway

26.14 city

33.6 mixed

Actual average :

33.6 ↑ 21.6% highway 

20.63 ↑ 21.1% city

23.52 ↑ 36.8% mixed

Engine type – gasoline Transmission – automatic Engine displacement – 2.4l

Official :

33.6 highway 

16.8 city 

26.14 mixed 

Actual average :

23.52 ↑ 47.3% highway 

18.09 ↓ -1.1% city 

21.37 ↑ 13.1% mixed

Engine type – gasoline Transmission – mechanical Engine displacement – 2l

Official :

39.2 highway 

26.14 city 

16.8 mixed 

Actual average :

26.14 ↑ 45.2% highway 

18.09 ↑ 43.6% city 

19.6 ↑ 62.2% mixed

Toyota RAV4 2016 fuel economy with new engine.

Compared to its predecessor – 2.4l  2AZ-FE – the new engine is 10-12% more economical than the Toyota RAV4 2012 – 2014

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