Is there a Toyota RAV4 lease 2016?

Is there a Toyota RAV4 lease 2016?

Toyota's American subsidiary has set lofty goals for the 2016 RAV4 crossovers: to overtake the Honda CR-V and become a bestseller. The fourth-generation RAV4 has steadily increased sales in the US market, climbing to third place in its segment, right behind the Ford Escape (# 2) and the Honda CR-V (# 1). “Just two years ago, we sold less than 200,000 RAV4s,” said Cooper Eriksen, vice president of marketing communications for Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. during the preview of the new 2016 RAV4. "This year we stayed on track and sold over 300,000."

How justified is renting a Toyota RAV4 2016?


The exterior of the Toyota is a bit unusual. Intricate body lines, coupled with LED lighting optics, attract attention, but not always evoke positive emotions. Compared with strict German counterparts and even with Japanese RAV4 looks "Asian" - like a character from a Japanese anime. For an amateur.


The interior decoration is more traditional. The quality of finishing materials and ergonomics are at a high level. There is a "winter package" that includes heated seats and steering wheel, as well as windshield and washer nozzles. Among the progressive safety systems are sign reading, adaptive cruise control and all-round visibility.

The pretty dashboard is easy to read and quite informative. A large color monitor on the center console, in addition to multimedia functions, can show overloads and a four-wheel drive pattern.

The driver's seat does not have pronounced lateral support, but it holds well in turns. The adjustments are enough for a person of any build, but the pillow is traditionally a bit short for Toyota. The back row is spacious, but only for two. Among the amenities for passengers is a 12-volt socket.

Power unit

Under the hood is a 2.5 liter engine with 180 horsepower and 233 Nm. It is paired with an automatic six-speed gearbox. The drive is full. Despite the serious power, the car does not show any outstanding dynamics. The crossover just rides - in every sense this word. There is a slight revival in the zone of medium revs, good traction at low revs, but Toyota does not like high revs. The machine switches smoothly, but you can't count on speed. In general, the dynamics can be characterized as sufficient, but nothing more.


In the corners, there is a slight buildup and tangible rolls. Arc stability is average. The steering is fuzzy and not very responsive. And, nevertheless, the handling can be considered quite good. Toyota pleases with predictable behavior, thus avoiding undesirable consequences.

Comfort is where the Japanese SUV plays out in full. The suspension is soft, but with long travels. With this combination, you can drive at high speed even on a bumpy road. Soundproofing is also good, but I would like to hear less tire hum.

Should you rent a car?

Toyota RAV4 is a good representative of the mid-size SUV class. But without revelation - which is typical for this Japanese manufacturer. Modern equipment is unable to compensate for the mediocre driving performance and specific design. However, this is unlikely to somehow negatively affect the sales ranking. Toyota cars are in steady demand in the market.


  • rich equipment;

  • functionality and convenience of the salon;

  • high level of driving comfort;

  • car rental is cheap.


  • design for an amateur;

  • unemotional accelerating dynamics;

  • boring handling

Toyota Rav4 is a car of the most famous Japanese brand. Cars of this model have always attracted great attention of both young people and average people. Distinctive features of this car are aggressive, but very elegant appearance, as well as unsurpassed handling characteristics. Among other things, this vehicle will delight you with the presence of the most modern electronic filling. Each element of the rented Rav4 car emphasizes its manufacturability and level of comfort. Compact, but quite powerful crossover with all-wheel drive Toyota RAV4. This car is suitable for both outdoor activities and long journeys, the high ground clearance of the car allows you to get through any off-road. The RAV4 crossover is equipped with all the necessary functions and options for comfortable long-distance trips.

Car rental without a driver

Renting a car without a driver is not a luxury, but an everyday necessity in the modern world. You may need a car in completely different life situations: you put your car in for repair, you need a car on a business trip, you have a desire to visit friends, classmates or relatives, you want to go somewhere for the weekend, or you need a luxury car to meet a VIP. In any of these cases, renting a car will solve your problem.

Car rental with driver

Our life is unpredictable. A situation may well arise when you need a car, but you cannot drive it. We will not list the reasons. In such cases, the Za Rulem company will come to the rescue, which can provide you with a car with a driver.

What are the advantages of renting a car with a driver?

1. This is a complete absence of problems with documentation and responsibility for the car.

2. Competent and qualified drivers are well-versed in the city and, as a result, problems with a lack of time are excluded.

3. The condition of the rented car is monitored by the driver.

4. The driver can help with a variety of assignments.

5. Well, in the end, it's just prestigious.

Car rental for a day

There are situations when you want to go on vacation with your family, for example, to nature. You need a car for exactly 1 day and we will help you in this case. Or another situation, you came to Novosibirsk on a business trip for 1 day and you need a car to move around the city.

Rent at the airport

Car delivery to the airport is convenient. And the procedure of paperwork itself is not more complicated than with a classic lease in the city.

You inform the manager of the arrival time. By this time, the car will be delivered to the entrance to the airport. After receiving your baggage, you contact the delivery service and he will pick you up right from the airport. This is followed by an inspection of the car and the signing of a contract. From the beginning of the inspection of the car until the receipt of the keys, no more than 20 minutes.

Benefits of car rental:

Mobility (mobility of your employees). Having a new car from the Za Rulem company in control, you will always be sure that you will arrive at the scheduled meeting on time.

The tendency in developed countries is to use property only when it is really needed. There is no need to solve technical issues related to the operation of the car. No need to pay insurance premiums and taxes. By renting a car, you relieve yourself of these and many other questions.

The same level of comfort. The choice of cars for rent will allow you to "change" to a car similar to yours, while maintaining your usual level of comfort and convenience, which cannot be compared with travel by public transport.

Preservation of the corporate style. If your company has corporate requirements for the vehicles of your employees, then renting a car will allow you to comply with these requirements in case of a forced change of car.

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