2016 Toyota RAV4 rear wiper blade size?

2016 Toyota RAV4 rear wiper blade size?

Wipers represent an important structural element of the vehicle body, which is responsible for the comfort of the view – if there are streaks or other signs of reduced efficiency, the wipers on the RAV 4 must be replaced. Fortunately, this is not difficult.

Replacing wiper blades is not the only problem that motorists may have – it is also necessary to choose the right brushes themselves. Remember, installing an incompatible kit of parts can deform the windshield and also lead to a decrease in the quality of vision for the driver and passenger.

The body of Toyota RAV 4 supports most common wipers of a compatible size, which allows you to install even analogs of original components. The front wiper locking system is a “hook” system, while the rear window uses a “hook with additional hinge” format.

Rear wiper on Toyota RAV4 IV generation

The best option would be a Bosch Rear H 252 frame wiper (article 3397011965) 250 mm long and a special mount.

The answer to your question:

Toyota RAV4 2016 rear wiper blade size = 250mm.

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