Toyota 2006 RAV4 recalls

Toyota 2006 RAV4 recalls

Toyota recalls 780 thousand cars

Toyota is repeatedly recalling 780,000 vehicles for poor-quality repairs at the first recall, according to the New York Times.

According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), all of these vehicles were initially recalled due to a defect in the rear steering link, which could lead to loss of control while driving. The campaign was announced last August.

Now dealers again began to receive letters about similar problems. We are talking about 18 thousand cars of the hybrid model Lexus HS 250h in 2010, the rest of the cars with defects are the Toyota RAV4 SUV manufactured in 2006 - 2011.

The automaker itself will send letters to customers with apologies and explanations that the repair was not fully completed at the first recall. Also, car owners will be informed when and where they should go for a new inspection of the car. Car repairs will be carried out at the expense of the company.

Toyota Motor Corp. is recalling approximately 760,000 Toyota RAV4s and 18,000 Lexus HS 250h hybrid sedans in the United States to correct a rear suspension defect. The Toyota RAV4 from 2006 to 2011 and the 2010 Lexus are subject to recall, Reuters reports.

The identified defect is reduced to the formation of rust, which in the long term can cause wear and damage to the suspension. Toyota has not yet figured out how to fix the problem.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched an investigation into suspension problems in 2006-2008 Toyota RAV4 vehicles. release on June 4, after receiving seven complaints from motorists. In a press release, the agency said the problem is also related to the rapid onset of corrosion, which is fraught with detrimental consequences. The management believed that the defect could be found in about 460,000 crossovers.

2006 Toyota RAV4 recallsToyota recalls 2 million vehicles for carpet attachment

The world's largest automaker, Toyota, is recalling vehicles in the United States again. And again, a couple of million cars fall under the service campaign. The reason for the recall is the mats located on the driver's side.

Messages about the next campaign of the Japanese brand have become a familiar event in recent times. Toyota, taking care of the absolute safety of all its cars, if it withdraws, then immediately a couple of million machines. This time, the company announced a recall of 2.17 million vehicles in the United States to replace the driver's side mat mount. As noted in the company, the accelerator pedal can jam when pressed or due to mechanical defects.

The design of the pedal assembly, or a loosely fixed mat under the driver's feet, to which the pedal clings.

Almost all models of the brand got under the review, namely: 761 thousand of Toyota RAV4 crossovers from 2006 to 2010, 603 thousand of Toyota 4Runner of 2003-2009, 397 thousand of Toyota Highlander of 2004-2006. The sad fate of the company's premium brand, the Lexus brand, has not passed. Luxury sedans and crossovers were also recalled: 372 thousand Lexus RX 330, RX 350 and RX 400h of 2004-2007, 20 thousand Lexus GS 300 and GS 350 of 2006, as well as 17 thousand representative Lexus LX 570 of 2008-2011 release.

Experts figured out the malfunctions recalled by Toyota

Recall that in early February, the US Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) officially completed an investigation into the causes of spontaneous acceleration of Toyota and Lexus cars, which many drivers complained about. As a result, it turned out that everything is in order with the electronics of the car, and the reason was either interfering rugs, or in many cases the drivers themselves, confusing the gas and brake pedals.

In 2009–2010, Toyota withdrew about 12 million vehicles from the market in several stages due to a defect in the accelerator pedal. Because of this, the company incurred reputational costs, and was also forced to pay about $ 16 million in the United States in fines. In August 2012, the company recalled 900,000 RAV4, Avensis and Lexus HS models, including about 90,000 in Russia.

Toyota 2006 RAV4 recalls in other countries

Toyota is recalling about 760,000 RAV4s in the US due to suspension defects. In Russia, the recall will affect about 81,700 cars ...

Toyota 2006 RAV4 recallsToyota has announced the recall of 760,000 RAV4 vehicles in the United States. According to available information from RIA Novosti, the recall will affect only cars produced in the period from 2006 to 2011. In addition, cars sold in Russia are also subject to recall. As explained to AutoNews in the Russian representative office of Toyota, 81,700 RAV4s produced from November 2005 to August 2010 will be recalled.

These vehicles were found to have a rear suspension defect. In particular, the problem is reported to be related to the susceptibility of some suspension units to corrosion. A report from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the problem could cause a loss of control of the car.

Recall that in March, Toyota announced the recall of more than 681,000 vehicles from the American market. Then a large-scale review affected about 70.5 thousand Camry sedans in 2009 and 116 thousand Venza crossovers from 2009 to 2011. These cars were found to have problems with switching brake lights due to silicone grease trapped inside the switches during production.

Toyota service centers around the world are preparing to take over 2,430,000 vehicles manufactured by the company from 2005 to 2010 for repair and elimination of defects. In Russia, 247,982 cars that Toyota produced from 2006 to 2008 fell under the recall campaign. The reason is a possible defect in the power window on the driver's side door.

In our country, the review will affect several models:

  • Toyota Auris manufactured from September 14, 2006 to December 26, 2008;

  • Toyota Camry manufactured from September 1, 2006 to December 26, 2008;

  • Toyota RAV4 manufactured from September 1, 2006 to December 2, 2008;

  • Toyota Yaris manufactured from September 1, 2006 to December 22, 2008;

  • Toyota Corolla manufactured from October 4, 2006 to December 18, 2008.

The company believes that these cars are susceptible to a possible defect - a malfunction of the power window on the driver's door. As a result of an increase in temperature, some of the lubricants can get onto the electrical board, which, possibly, can lead to breakdown and even fire (not a single case of fire was recorded). Elimination of the identified malfunction will be carried out at service centers free of charge, and this procedure will take no more than one hour. Perhaps some "lucky ones" will have to spend more time, as the electronic contact block may need to be replaced. Aren't you a little late in your mind? After all, some of them could manage to repair their Toyota at their own expense ...

To be fair, we will announce the hit parade of the countries in which Toyota will have to inspect and repair the produced cars at its own expense (the list of models there is wider than in Russia). The first place in the ranking is occupied by the United States of America, in which about 2.7 million potentially defective cars ride. The second place was shared by the countries of the European Union and China - about 1.4 million Toyota will visit service stations. The Japanese are in the honorable third with 460 thousand cars. Japan is followed by Australia - about 300 thousand cars.

The third recalls affected Toyota RAV4 crossovers produced in 2005-2012, and it turned out to be the most widespread in Russian history. The reason was the risk of damage to the seat belt on the sharp edge of the rear sofa frame. At first glance, a mere trifle, in Russia it is still not customary to buckle up in the second row. However, they carry babies in child seats from behind, and a normal person will not risk the health and life of their child.

To eliminate this flaw, you just need to put special plastic overlays on the frame on both sides. Of course, for customers it is free, but according to the regulations of Toyota dealers such work takes half an hour and an hour and should cost 465-930 rubles. Plus a sink. Unfortunately, the price of a pair of linings is unknown. But even so, knowing the number of recalled cars (in Russia - more than 140 thousand, and around the world - 2.87 million), we can say that the Japanese company spends significant funds.

This is surprising: after all, the cars that are subject to recall cannot be called new, and there is little hope that the owners, impressed by the branded service, will suddenly switch from garage masters to officials. What's the point of spending so much? In Toyota, they are sure that there is a sense, because we are talking about the safety of customers and the reputation of the brand, its prestige, so the reviews turn out to be even indefinite and relate to twenty or even thirty-year-old cars. And the tradition was started by Kiichiro Toyoda, the founder of the brand.

In the 1930s, together with several engineers, he repaired a Toyota G1 truck, whose owner complained of a design defect. And it was in Japan that such a phenomenon as TQM (Total Quality Management) emerged, which means total quality control.

Although officially the reasons for the recall campaigns are not design defects or malfunctions, but inconsistencies with technical regulations. Or even the possibility of such a discrepancy. Take the same third-generation RAV4 rear seat belt. It can only be damaged by the edge of the seat frame under certain unfavorable conditions. It is not at all necessary that this will actually happen someday. But this is already enough to announce a revocable campaign - because this lack of the car affects safety.

Toyota 2006 RAV4, like other models, improved thanks to campaign recalls.

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