Other problems and malfunctions Toyota RAV4 2007

Other problems and malfunctions Toyota RAV4 2007

The body paintwork, as on most cars, is weak and easily scratched. Chips soon appear. The restyled RAV4, in addition, suffers from pockets of corrosion on the bonnet – around the chrome trim of the radiator grille. The problem mainly concerns regions that use aggressive reagents in winter. When yellow spots appeared, dealers repainted the hood under warranty. Also, the owners of the 2007 Toyota RAV4 complain about the corrosion of steel rims in the area of ​​fastening with nuts. Some manage to convince dealers to replace the discs under warranty.

With a mileage of more than 50-100 thousand km, the fender liner in the wheel arch of the rear wheels often comes off.

Plastic in the cabin is often annoying with its creak. Moreover, there are more complaints from the owners of the restyled version. Toyota RAV4 salon was nicknamed “rattle” in hearts. The reason for the rattling in the trunk is the spare wheel, which eventually squeezes the rubber seals under the casing. The leather upholstery of the driver’s seat often cracks. The leather chair itself creaks in the area of ​​contact of the plastic linings with the skin.

Water in the passenger compartment (under the passenger’s feet on the right) may appear as a result of disconnection of the washer fluid supply line to the rear window. System hoses are routed along the right sill. But water can also get into the cabin because of the leaky seal under the “frill” (outer lining at the bottom of the windshield).

With a mileage of more than 60-80 thousand km, the heater fan sometimes begins to “buzz”. Extraneous sounds go away after lubrication. The gears of the air conditioning unit blowing direction flaps can also creak. In this case, lubrication will also help. The cause of the noise (crackling) when changing the operating modes can be the flown off rods of the dampers or the displacement of the gear due to the destruction of the latches.

The A / C compressor may stop turning on due to the destruction of the compressor clutch damper plate.

Electricity in general is not a hassle. Sometimes there is a “glitch” of the air conditioner, which disappears after removing the terminal from the battery. The generator, as a rule, runs more than 150 thousand km, after which it may be necessary to replace the diode bridge.

These are all known problems with the 2007 Toyota RAV4

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