Toyota RAV4 2007 chassis problems

Toyota RAV4 2007 chassis problems

One of Toyota’s service campaigns is to check and replace the lower rear suspension arms. When assembling the RAV4, due to insufficient tightening of the nuts during operation, they loosen, which leads to a drift of the rear axle wheel alignment angles and a decrease in stability at high speeds. In addition, breakdowns appear on irregularities.

Front anti-roll bar bushings run more than 30-50 thousand km. Racks “live” longer – up to 80-100 thousand km. The cost of a new bushing at dealers is quite acceptable, in spare parts stores it is even better, and analogues are even cheaper. The work of replacing bushings is not very expensive for dealers. The struts and bushings of the rear stabilizer travel more than 100 thousand km.

At a run of 60-100 thousand km, the front shock absorbers begin to “sweat”. The cost of the original shock absorber in “auto parts” does not differ much from the dealer analogue is 2 times cheaper. Rear shock absorbers are more durable, their resource is more than 150-200 thousand km. The silent blocks of the levers serve the same amount.

Hub bearings run more than 100-150 thousand km. They change assembled with the hub. The cost of the new hub is not very high, and the replacement work has a humane price tag.

As a rule, there are no complaints about the brake system. In rare cases, it is necessary to replace a failed ABS sensor.

Knocks in the steering are not uncommon after 40-80 thousand km. As a rule, the culprit is either the steering cardan, or the steering shaft, or the steering rack. The steering rods run more than 100 thousand km, but their replacement by the manufacturer is not provided. The steering rods only come with a new rack. But you can pick up an analog and replace it.

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