Toyota RAV4 2007 transmission problems

Toyota RAV4 2007 transmission problems

An electromagnetic clutch is responsible for the distribution of torque between the axles. Coupling seals can leak after 50-100 thousand km. With a mileage of more than 100-150 thousand km, the clutch may hum. The reason is the loss of the properties of the grease embedded in the bearing during assembly. The new bearing is not that expensive, but the labor to replace it will be more expensive. The price of a new electrofusion assembly is about $500.

The seals of the semi-axles of the front and rear gearbox can leak after 50-100 thousand km. A little later, with a mileage of more than 100-150 thousand km, the shank of the front or rear gearbox begins to “snot”.

It is worth noting that not all versions had an all-wheel drive system. Therefore, when inspecting, you should look under the car and check for the presence of a rear differential. If the car is all-wheel drive, then the transmission lock button must be present in the cabin.

Together with the motors, a 5-speed “mechanics” or a 4-speed “automatic” is working. After restyling, the 5-speed manual transmission was replaced by a “six-speed”, and a variator was installed with a 2.0-liter engine. All boxes are generally reliable and have no serious complaints, with a few exceptions. So, the owners of RAV4 with 5-speed “mechanics” note the “bite” of the lever in the first gear. It is possible to turn off the speed only after pressing the clutch twice. The owners also notice a slight howl when driving in 1st and 2nd gears. The clutch travels over 150-200 thousand km.

Automatic machine “can” cover “after changing the working fluid, and not immediately, but after several tens of kilometers. Such cases are not uncommon. Official dealers confirm the existence of a similar problem and recommend changing the oil when the mileage is about 60 thousand km. If the mileage has already exceeded these figures, then it is better to ride to the last. Dealers do not cover the reasons for the failure of the box.

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