What are running gear Toyota RAV4 2021-2022?

What are running gear Toyota RAV4 2021-2022?

The new fifth-generation Toyota RAV4 index XA50 came out in 2018 at the New York Auto Show. After that, the model went on sale. Compared to the previous generation, the car has changed dramatically, becoming not only better, but also changing its image.

Toyota RAV4 2022The appearance of the crossover became much more aggressive, this was done either because of fashion trends, or to get rid of the stigma of female car, pursuing the model from the third generation. The car will be eye-catching for the first time with its aggression and stand out against the competition.

At the front, the look is created by narrow LED headlights with outlining lines. The inner corners of the headlights transition into thin lines of the ostensibly grille, connected with the company's logo. The main grille is lower with 4 horizontal dividers in the style of the new GLE. The bumper juts out from the optics, with vertical inserts with PTFs at its edges. Below is a huge plastic overlay that emphasizes the design of the RAV4 2021-2022 and hints at off-road capabilities.
Toyota RAV4 2022The style of the front in the grille, the shape of the fog lights installation varies depending on the equipment. The same applies to the other sides. The profile looks unreal cool due to the lines passing from the bumper to the front struts, the lower lines emphasizing the shape of the sills. Wheel arches are framed by plastic with rough transitions. Passing above, the already accustomed black spoiler support chip, from which the strip goes to the uprights, looks nice. On other trims, the entire top and the front pillar are made of black plastic.

Roof rails can be decorative, or you can put big real racks under the extra trunk. By the way, the rear-view mirrors are legged, their shape when examined in detail is pleasing.

The rear of the Toyota RAV4 XA50 crossover resembles a Jeep, this is done by the narrow headlights connected with a thick chrome insert. The huge trunk lid on top is equipped with a spoiler, the one that stands on black overlays. The spoiler is traditionally equipped with a brake light. The big bumper at the bottom got a huge plastic overlay with reflectors and two exhaust pipes under it.

The car looks beautiful, reminiscent of its dear brother Lexus. Dimensions have increased significantly:

length - 4,600 mm;

width - 1855 mm;

height - 1685 mm;

wheelbase - 2690 mm;

ground clearance - 195 mm.

Body colors:










The other colors are combinations with painted discs in black.

New salon

Inside, a lot has changed for the better, except for the steering wheel. The 3-spoke steering wheel is the first thing the driver sees, and it has hardly been changed. It is the same steering wheel with many buttons, but comfortable.
Toyota RAV4 2022The interior is trimmed with leather, the color of which is chosen by the buyer, in minimum versions the trim is fabric. The manufacturer has improved noise insulation and quality of plastic, there are no creaks now. Inside the new Toyota RAW4 2021-2022 5 seats, front seats with light side support, attached high headrest and heated in the basic configuration. In the back is a simple sofa.

Let's return to the driver's seat. Depending on the configuration, the style of the dashboard changes. The standard version has a classic analog dashboard with a large display in the middle. The top version will keep the outer gauges, and in the middle, there will be an informative large display, imitating a speedometer.

On the center console there is a 7-inch in the base and 8-inch in the top with touch screen multimedia Entune 3.0, supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The multimedia is docked with a JBL audio system with 11 speakers and 800 watts of power. Below is the control unit for separate climate control with a monitor and two huge adjustment pucks. Next is the button to turn off the Toyota RAV4's stabilization system and touch-sensitive buttons for heated seats.

The tunnel in the back has a cigarette lighter, USB and AUX ports. Farther down, there is a stylish, massive gearbox lever, next to which are the buttons for selecting the driving modes:





Mud & Sand;

Rock % Dirt.

Then there are niches for small items and an armrest. The trunk is large - 580 liters, and for practicality the rear sofa folds down in the proportion 60:40, increasing the compartment to 1,189 liters. There is a system of opening with a wave of the foot.
Toyota RAV4 2022The crossover is equipped with the new gasoline engines of the Dynamic Force family, and a hybrid is also offered. These are weak atmospheric engines, the power of which is enough for city driving.

The base 2-liter engine produces 175 horsepower at 6,600 rpm with 208 H*m of torque available from 4,300 rpm. Its dynamics and fuel consumption vary depending on the gearbox, see the table for detailed specs.

The 2.5-liter motor, with 205 horses at 6,600 rpm, and 250 units of torque available at 5,000 rpm. Its minimum city consumption is a minimum of 9 liters.

The 2.5-liter electric motor is a 218-horsepower or 222-horsepower unit with 221 H*m of torque. The trick of the hybrid is its excellent fuel economy - 4.4 liters of fuel consumption according to the passport in the city.

There are three gearboxes, which gives the buyer a good choice. The base transmission is the classic 6-speed manual, but there is also a CVT variator and a new 8-speed automatic transmission in the lineup. The variator scares many people with frequent overheating, especially off-road, so consider that when buying.

Running gear Toyota RAV4 2021-2022

Simple front-wheel-drive configurations, but the optional transmission transmits torque to the rear axle via the Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD all-wheel-drive system. The system has traction vectoring control and disengages the rear axle on the highway. The conventional all-wheel-drive system differs in that it throws 50 percent of the power back at once when needed.

For off-roading, you can select one of the modes on the buttons in the cabin, so that the equipment adjusts the nodes for the best overcoming.

The crossover is built on the TNGA K platform, the modular platform on which the Toyota C-HR and other company cars are built. The suspension is fully independent with McPherson struts at the front and multilever at the rear. The platform allowed to lower the center of gravity, improve weight distribution, increase body rigidity by 57% and give the car the best geometry for off-road driving.

The braking system is disc-based, ventilated only at the front with many electronic aids for better braking.

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