What are the sizes of the standard rims in the Toyota RAV4?

What are the sizes of the standard rims in the Toyota RAV4?

Main characteristics of factory disks for Toyota RAV4:

diameter - from 16″ to 20″ in 1″ increments;

bore - 5x114.3 mm;

Center bore diameter - 60,1 mm;

Dismantling - from ЕТ39 to ЕТ45.

Basic standard parts are made of steel sheet with surface coating for corrosion protection, have high durability and are equipped with hubcaps to improve external perception and reduce aerodynamic interference. Improved versions use discs, made of aluminum alloy by high-pressure casting technology. Their surface is covered with a layer of lacquer, which is corroded by reagents. Plastic covers are provided for the center hole. They weigh less, but are easily damaged by road surface irregularities.

Surface-coated discs are used for Toyota RAV4.

Parameters of standard nuts

To fix the wheels on the RAV4, studs mounted on splines in the hub housing are used. Regardless of the generation, 6-sided blind nuts made of carbon steel with surface coating for corrosion protection are used. There is a tapered guide skirt with M12x1.5 mm thread size. When installing the wheels nuts should be screwed on 2-3 turns of thread by hand, and then tightened to a torque of 100 N*m with an electric or pneumatic tool. If it is skewed, the nut will jam, and if you try to unscrew it, the stud will break.

When mounting a disc on a hub, make sure it is securely fastened. If the nuts are loose, the wheel will wobble within a few tenths of a millimeter, causing damage to the bore guide surfaces. It is impossible to restore the construction, the car owner has to buy a new disc or change the whole set.

What are the sizes of the standard rims in the Toyota RAV4?

Alternative variants of disks for Toyota RAV4: minimum and maximum possible parameters

The minimum diameter of the rim of the standard wheel for the RAV4 is 16″. If you increase the parameter, you should use tires with a reduced profile height. At the same time it is necessary to take into account the width of the tire tread, which will be hitting the elements of the body and suspension. Reduced profile leads to better handling, but at the same time the risk of tire damage when hitting the edge of the pothole increases. Theoretically, RAV4 can be fitted with rims up to 20″ in diameter with a PCD of 5x114.3mm and a center hole of 60.1mm.

You can range from 30mm to 45mm with a rim width of no more than 7.5″. With further expansion, the DIA parameter is out of tolerance. The use of shims located between the hub and rim will bring the DIA to factory specifications. But the increase in gauge increases the load on the hub bearings and violates the distribution of forces in the suspension, which leads to accelerated wear of the vehicle's chassis.

When purchasing aluminum rims, you should check the factory markings on the inside of the rim. It is prohibited to drill new holes according to PCD 5x114.3 mm, as additional channels reduce the strength of the casting. Budget aluminum products of Chinese manufacture are not of high quality and crack under shock loads. You should buy either original disks, or products of major manufacturers, which have passed the test cycle and received a certificate of conformity.

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