How to install the android system auto on my Toyota RAV4?

How to install the android system auto on my Toyota RAV4?

Preparing the car

At the initial stage, you should put the crossover on a flat area and provide interior lighting. To perform the work you will need an electrical diagram with a deciphering of the purpose of the wires, taking into account the color of the insulation. It is recommended to disconnect the battery from the on-board network, as careless actions may trigger airbags or short circuit, leading to fire.

Step by step instruction

Algorithm of integration of Android-based equipment in the RAV4 2011 model year:

Dismantle the framing elements around the stock head unit using a plastic spatula.

Disconnect wiring cables from the buttons located in the covers.

Unscrew the retaining screws located on the sides of the multimedia center.

Remove the device from the dashboard and unplug the wiring harness connectors.

Loosen the screws and remove the side metal brackets.

Install the adapters on the new car stereo, and then connect the harnesses directly or through an adapter. Some manufacturers offer brackets of the original shape, taking into account the design of the head unit housing.

Connect the wiring connectors according to the manufacturer's requirements, it is not allowed to use twisted wires. Power must go through the ignition switch, to save the settings use a separate wire, permanently energized. Switching error leads to rapid discharge of the battery or reset after the engine is turned off.

Install the equipment in the dashboard and tighten the screws.

Install the original decorative covers or a special adapter frame.

Switch on the multimedia center and setup.

There is an algorithm for integrating the equipment.

The installation procedure depends on the design features of the radio and the car. For example, if you have control buttons on the steering wheel you will need to connect a signal converter. To use USB drives you will need to put the connectors in the glove box or armrest. On cars with AXAH 52 body (production after 2019) it is necessary to mount the processor module. The display is left unchanged, to connect the components use standard wiring or additional harnesses.

Maintenance of the Android device

Software developers release updates to improve the stability of the equipment and introduce new features. Installation is done using a drive connected to the USB connector, or via the Internet. The vehicle owner can program new files automatically or lock the function. No other hardware maintenance is required from alternative suppliers.

What difficulties may arise

The main problems encountered when installing the equipment are:

incompatibility of the wiring plug and connector on the head unit housing;

Problems with integration of the housing or display into the dashboard (solved by using the adapter frame);

malfunction of steering wheel buttons, signal converter is required to ensure compatibility;

difficulties with output of information from OEM rear view camera to the display;

bad connection to navigation system satellites due to incorrect antenna installation.

How to install Android Auto on RAV4 head unit

Early releases of the crossover RAV4 used firmware multimedia center with a reduced set of functions. Car owners encountered incorrect operation of the equipment and Toyota has developed new software releases. Updates are installed at the time of regular maintenance or on a separate request from the owner. Once the work is done, the equipment supports CarPlay and Android Auto (iOS and Android based smartphones can be connected respectively).

Compatible devices

Android Auto can be installed on any smartphone running Android version 6.0 or higher. You don't need to install the utility to the car radio memory. The shell allows you to pair your smartphone with the multimedia center and use the equipment to display information or play audio. The driver gets access to navigation with traffic display mode, music and movie collection, writing messages with voice commands or data search via the Internet.

Activation and use

To start pairing your smartphone and head unit you need to activate Android Auto support mode in the multimedia center settings. Connect the phone to the USB connector with a cord, after the connection is made the icon for running Android Auto will appear on the display of the head unit. It is possible to establish a connection using the Bluetooth wireless communication channel. After the start of the program, the screen of the multimedia equipment will display a panel of applications with shortcuts to run programs, you can use voice commands to control it.