How to properly remove the wipers from a Toyota Rav4?

How to properly remove the wipers from a Toyota Rav4?

To remove the wipers from the car Toyota RAV4 is not difficult, if you understand the peculiarities of design and follow the simple instructions. The work on the power of every driver, the main thing is to be careful not to break the plastic assemblies during installation. It is also important to choose the optimal size of the brushes, since they differ in different generations.

How to remove the wipers from a Toyota Rav4 correctly?

How to properly remove the wipers from a Toyota Rav4?It is necessary to study the peculiarities of fastening elements. They are different in the front and back, so the work will be different. As for the design, it is important to remember the following:

1. In the front, two elements of different lengths are used. The driver's wiper is much longer than the passengers. Fastening is carried out by means of a standard hook on the leash. This system is found on most domestic cars and foreign cars, so there are usually no difficulties with the purchase of brushes and their replacement. A special lock holds the connection in the correct position and does not let the wipers move during operation.

2. At the back there is a small brush for better visibility in difficult weather conditions. It is attached by a modern lock, which is a hook of a special configuration on the end and a latch to prevent displacement of the working unit.

To work most often do not need any tools. The only thing that may be needed is a flat screwdriver of small width, but it can be replaced by any other object of suitable size.


The work can be done anywhere, as long as there is normal lighting. You can cover part of the hood with a cloth to lean on it and not to scratch.


1. Using a small flathead screwdriver, gently lift the retainer so that it snaps off and lifts up. It is held on the latches, and if the wiper has not been changed, you may need considerable force, as the connection over time may be deformed or clogged with dirt.

2. Grasp the wiper with your hand and pull it away from the catch. It is held tightly enough, so at first you need to apply force to move it out of place. Then the element is simply removed.

3. Since the wiper blade is spring-loaded, hold it with your other hand so it does not hit the glass after removal. If some elements do not yield, you can treat the connection with a liquid wrench, then it will come off much easier.

How to properly remove the wipers from a Toyota Rav4?When buying, it is important to choose the right wipers. Their parameters differ depending on the generation of Toyota RAV4. The easiest way to use the list:

1 generation - from 1994 to 2000. The length of the driver's wiper - 51 cm, the passenger - 45,5 cm.

2nd generation - from 2000 to 2005. Driver's wiper - 61 cm, passenger - 48 cm.

3rd generation - from 2005 to 2013. Driver side - 61 cm, passenger side - 40.5 cm.

Generation 4 - from 2013 to 2020. Length of the driver's brush - 65 cm, passenger - 40.5 cm.

5 generation - from 2019 to 2021. left side - 65 cm, right side - 40 cm.

You can buy both the original sets for your car model, and buy brushes separately. The second option most often allows you to save significantly.

Rear: Replacement.

Most often, the rear brush is replaced at the same time as the front brushes. But if this assembly is rarely used, you can put a new one in every other time. Replacement instructions:

How to properly remove the wipers from a Toyota Rav4?1. Lift the plastic plug at the base of the structure where it attaches to the machine body. To do this, pull it upward. If it is difficult to do this with your fingers, pry it up with a flathead screwdriver. The element is simply tipped, not removed completely.

2. Pull the lever back at a 90-degree angle for easier handling. It is locked in this position.

3. Rotate the wiper so that it comes out of the latch plates. Then gently pull it away from the lever to remove the pin from the hook. Move the part in different directions to find the best position for removal.

4. Put the new element in place of the old one by snapping the pin into the hook, then move the frame towards the wiper arm so that it locks in the correct position.

5. Reinstall the wiper and make sure it is pressed evenly against the glass along its entire length. Snap the plug into the base.

It is also important to find the right size wiper, depending on the generation of the car. The first has a length of 35.5 cm, the second and third - 30.5, the fourth and fifth - 25 cm.

How to remove the wipers from a 2020 Toyota Rav4?

To install new front wipers, follow the simple instructions:

1. The wipers can be oriented as follows: if it clicks into place, the wiper is in the right position. The easiest way to orient yourself is to look at the catch - if it snaps in, the wiper stands as it should.

2. If you decided to change only the rubber, which saves money, then you will add a few more steps. After removing the item, inspect it and find the retainer that holds the rubber. It is located on the edge of one of the sides.

3. Grasp the rubber band and pull it out of place toward the retainer. Once it moves, simply pull the element out of the slot.

4. Remove the metal guides from the rubber band, they are located on both sides and are easy to remove. Note that there are notches in the plates on the side where the retainer is located.

5. Take the new rubber band and determine which side it has a molding on. It is located where the retainer is. Slide the steel guides into place. To do this, carefully tuck them into the groove along their entire length.

6. Rubber with metal plates begin to insert into the body of the wiper from the side of the retainer. Everything is simple, the main thing is to get into the grooves, located 10 cm apart. At the end, just gently press on the end so that the rubber band snaps into place.

7. The element on the back brush is changed in the same way. It is important to pay attention to the accuracy of alignment of parts, so as not to deform them and not to damage the rubber part.

Signs that the brush or rubber part needs to be replaced: the glass is not cleaned in the best way, lines or stains are left on the surface. Usually, a set lasts 6-12 months, depending on its quality and the climate in the region.

How to choose the right wipers for Toyota Rav4?

The model fits all three types found on the market, so you can use any type. First of all, consider the size and type of mounting. As for the design, each option has its pros and cons:

1. Frame. The classic type, used for the longest time and well proven in operation. Due to the clamping system, a good quality of glass cleaning is provided even during heavy rains. But the resource of this type is much less, because the frame over time loses its rigidity and not so well pressed. And the rubber bands used wear out faster than their counterparts. You should also note not the best aerodynamic properties and deterioration of cleaning at high speeds.

2. Frameless. In this design, the rubber part is pressed to the glass surface by a resilient holder made of impact-resistant plastic. They are most often chosen for their modern look and good quality of surface cleaning. They have a much longer life span and are better suited for winter operation, because they freeze up less and remain mobile even in freezing temperatures. It is worth buying high-quality products, because cheap ones do not provide the necessary pressure to the bends of the glass, and because of that the edges can be cleaned badly.

3. Hybrid. Combines the advantages of frame and frameless design. It is a system, which is tightly pressed to the surface and closed from the outside with a plastic casing, which prevents frosting and provides good aerodynamics. It is also worth noting a long service life, because the rubber is protected from adverse influences due to the casing. But also cost hybrid wipers most expensive. The situation is simplified by the fact that they are easy to change the rubber bands themselves, and it is a significant savings.