Why can't the Toyota Rav4 engine start?

Why can't the Toyota Rav4 engine start?

Why can't the Rav4 engine start?Starter or battery malfunction First of all, it is advisable to listen for any noises the car makes when trying to start it. If the starter does not start or barely starts, the problem could be with the starter, the battery or the contacts of the leads and terminals. If you cannot hear the starter at the first attempt, try turning the ignition key a few times. After a few attempts, the starter may no longer make a sound and even the pull-up relay may not click. Consequently, the problem is either the starter or the battery. The procedure is as follows: Check that the rest of the electrical system is functioning correctly. If all the electrics are faulty, look for a problem between the battery and the on-board electrical system. There may be 2 or 3 problems that are worth checking. In practice, the most common problem is soiling or disconnected terminals. To rectify the problem, electricians recommend disconnecting the terminals from the battery, cleaning them of dirt and reconnecting them. Also check that the - battery terminal is clean and securely connected to the engine and body. Oxidation and rust are common at the "+" connection point of the battery with the starter, it is also recommended to check and clean the terminal and nut. Next, it's mandatory to check the presence of the fuse. In the latest versions of the cars, the manufacturers don't have them. However, they are sometimes found, as some motorists install off-the-shelf fuses 'the old-fashioned way'. If you find a fuse, try replacing it with a new one. After the measures have been taken, the car owner should try to start the vehicle again. In cases when it is obvious that the battery is dead, car owners recommend using one of two options how to start the rav4. The first option is a strap-on. With the help of another vehicle to which a strap is attached, you need to pull your car 100-300 meters and start it at speed. Remember - this method is not suitable for cars with automatic transmission! A reliable option for all types of transmissions is 'cigarette lighter' from another car. You need special leads for this. If you don't have this wiring system, car owners recommend using a taxi service. Most taxi companies offer a "cigarette lighter" service. Thus, you should call a taxi with special wires and have the problem solved in 10 minutes.

It's important to follow the polarity of the lead and to charge a dead battery for at least 3-5 minutes from a running vehicle. This method does not always work, as some machines are inherently critical to battery voltage. When the car is running, drive it for at least 30-60 minutes at 2000-3000 rpm to allow the battery to recharge.

If the above steps do not start the car, the problem is something else and you should continue checking the car, seek advice or assistance from a qualified professional. You may be interested in: Ten steps to protect your car from frost problems

Why can't the Rav4 engine start?

The Rav4 is available in different modifications by the manufacturer, so ignition systems are different. Each ignition system is powered by an electronic system. In older cars from the 90s or even 80s, you'll find the classic systems consisting of an ignition coil, a special control unit, a single distributor, spark plugs and connecting high-voltage wires.

A more common variant today is the sophisticated system, which is characterised by a module of 2 coils or several individual coils for each spark plug. In both variants, the entire system consists of 2 components: a low voltage component; a high-voltage component. Everything upstream of the ignition coil is deemed to be low voltage and everything after it is high-voltage. You may be interested in: Toyota RAV4: fuel consumption No spark in centre lead. The centre cable should be checked first. To do this, you must carefully disconnect connecting wire between distributor and coil.

Disconnect it from the distributor cover side and place the end of the wire on the dielectric. It is important that the cable is securely fastened. Under no circumstances should the wire be held with bare hands when checking, use insulated pliers. If a spark appears at the end of the wire when the starter button is pressed, then everything works correctly. If there is no spark, the problem must be rectified. Check the distributor The distributor is responsible for the current transmission. It delivers the current directly to the spark plug itself.

Sometimes the cause is clogged dirt under the distributor cap. Open the cover and remove any excess dirt, if present on the cover. It's also important to check the contacts as well. If you notice thread marks, the part will have to be replaced as it is no longer serviceable.

It is compulsory to check the breaker contacts. All contacts oxidise over time. Therefore, they should be cleaned periodically. It is best to use fine sandpaper for cleaning. It should be noted that contact systems were only found on the very first models of the Rav4. After inspecting all the connections, it is recommended to pay special attention to the high-voltage wires. Visual damage and the presence of moisture are not permissible.

Before closing the cover, pay attention if the tips are tight against the plugs. After these measures have been taken, try starting the car again. If the cause of the car's breakdown was in the distributor, the RAV 4 will give fresh new signs of activity.

Next, experienced car owners advise checking the spark plugs' operation. Regardless of the rav4 model, the check on all cars follows the same principle. It is necessary to take out, clean and dry all the plugs at the same time.

Why can't the Rav4 engine start?

There must not be any breaks or chips on them. To check the spark plugs, wrap them around a wire without insulation. The free end of the wire is fastened to the earth. A cranking button of the engine is switched on. Result - all plugs should give sparks. This method helps to quickly identify a faulty spark plug. Checking the electrics If all the steps performed didn't help, car owners recommend checking the car's electronics. First check the low-voltage contacts on the coil or coils, and then the other electronics which belong to the ignition system. Clean all contacts of excess dirt and moisture. Seek the advice of an experienced, qualified technician. Problems in the fuel system Sometimes the problem is detected in the fuel system. Ensure that a minimum quantity of petrol or diesel is filled into the car's fuel tank. The following faults are often identified: a clogged fuel filter or frozen fuel line; a broken petrol pump; a faulty fuel injection. It is difficult to rectify petrol pump problems yourself.

But it is possible to detect a malfunction by ear. If you don't hear the petrol pump in the first couple of seconds when you switch the ignition on, the problem is in the petrol pump. Start by replacing the fuse. If that doesn't help, seek professional advice. General recommendations Always keep an eye on the external condition of the alternator belt. It tends to crack and tear after driving 60,000 kilometres. Therefore, it may also be the reason why your Rav 4 won't start. It's also worth remembering that battery capacity is limited, so don't overload and hang extra equipment in large quantities.

If your battery is a few years old, it's a good idea not to turn the car off during short shutdowns, as this is detrimental to its life. And of course don't forget to keep all the car's lines, connections and contacts clean. These general tips will help you always start the Rav 4 regardless of its modification, wd drive system (awd, 4wd) and other distinguishing features.

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