Should I buy a used Toyota Rav4?

Should I buy a used Toyota Rav4?

Toyota RAV 4 2008 model year is the first restyling of the third generation representative of the SUV segment, which was relevant for a year and a half.

Toyota RAV 4 2008: description, photos

The new version of the SUV was almost the same as the car introduced in 2005. The company's designers slightly changed the front of the Japanese car, redesigning recesses for PTFs, deepening the headlights and adding air ducts under the lower grille.

The upper grille has been also changed. In 2008, a thicker chrome strip has been put through it. It is interrupted in the middle by the Toyota brand badge.

The additional turn indicators that were previously mounted on the fenders have been moved to the rearview mirrors.

The spare tire, which was on the trunk lid, remains in place, but to the left of it are the nameplates with the brand name and model. An additional light is installed there.

Technical characteristics of the 2008 Toyota RAV 4

Specifications of the 2008 model year RAV4:

Clearance (mm): 190.

Trunk volume (l): 410.

Track width (mm): 1560.

Mass (kg): 1570.

Load capacity (kg): 500.

Fuel tank capacity: 60.

Dimensions, current for all versions except "Prestige Long":

Length (mm): 4415.

Width (mm): 1815.

Height (mm): 1685.

Wheelbase (mm): 2560.

These indicators allow you to attribute the car to Class J.

Toyota interior

Should I buy a used Toyota Rav4?

The interior of the car in all configurations, except for the maximum, has a fabric upholstery. On the central panel, the designers of the brand installed a multimedia system with a small screen. It is controlled through the buttons, located on both sides.

Under the multimedia system there is a climate unit with an additional screen. The dashboard is LED, touch screen analogues were not mentioned at that time.

In the front passenger's feet is traditionally installed a glove compartment, which can be closed with a key. The two front seats are separated by an armrest.

In the central tunnel there is a rather long lever to control the "box", there is also a parking brake lever, closer to the driver. There are two deep cup holders next to them.

In some configurations, there is an additional armrest with cup holders on the "sofa" behind, and the backs of the front seats have nets in which you can store personal items on long journeys.

More details about the interior can be seen in the photo of 2008 RAV 4.

Should I buy a used Toyota Rav4?

Options and prices

Sold Toyota RAV 4 2008 in four configurations. The minimum - "Standard", its characteristics:

Type of power unit: gasoline 1AZ-FE.

Engine volume: 2 liters.

Engine power: 152 horsepower.

Transmission: manual.

Acceleration to 100 km/h: 10.6 seconds.

Maximal speed: 185 km/h.

Fuel consumption: 8,5 liters in the combined cycle.

Features and systems:

electric power steering;

headlight washers;

halogen dipped beam;

electric mirror drive;

heated rear window;

telescopic steering wheel;

heated seats in the front;

four power windows;

seven airbags;

systems: ABS, EBD, BAS, ESP, TCS, HAC.


on-board computer.

There was a similar version with automatic transmission, which increased fuel consumption and acceleration to a "hundred", but decreased top speed. It also had a rear wiper blade.

Should I buy a used Toyota Rav4?

The maximum version is called "Prestige Long". Technical Specifications:

Clearance (mm): 190.

The volume of the trunk (l): 540.

Track width (mm): 1560.

Mass (kg): 1690.

Load capacity (kg): 500.

The capacity of the fuel tank: 60.

Type of the power unit: 2AZ-FE gasoline.

Engine capacity: 2,4 L.

Engine power: 170 horsepower.

Transmission: automatic.

Acceleration to 100 km/h: 10.6 seconds.

Maximal speed: 180 km/h.

Fuel consumption: 9.6 liters in the combined cycle.

Distinguishing features and systems:


rain and light sensors;

roof rails;


engine start with a button;

leather interior;

lumbar support on the front seats;

electric adjustment of the driver's seat;

keyless entry;

cruise control;

climate control.

The maximum configuration increases the degree of driving comfort. There are no diesel versions of the first restyled third generation.

Frequent problems and malfunctions

Should I buy a used Toyota Rav4?

About the shortcomings of the car Toyota RAV4, produced since 2008, the owners know best. Based on their reviews, it is possible to highlight the main malfunctions of the car.


Minus of the installed two-liter engine - "weakness". You have to press harder on the gas pedal, which is exacerbated by large wheels and all-wheel drive. The engine can't cope even despite its 152 horsepower.

Should I buy a used Toyota Rav4?

Some forum users complain about the pump, which leaks every 50 thousand kilometers, others report that the engine is hard to start in winter.

Running gear

The 2008 car received a tuned running gear. The car rides softly, although it is heavy. You should not drive fast and on the potholes with bumps, the drivers complain about the piercing of the struts.

Should I buy a used Toyota Rav4?

The passengers in the back seat are not always comfortable. If the running gear has not been serviced for a long time it starts shaking.

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