Why new Toyota RAV4 2023 criticized in the U.S.?

Why new Toyota RAV4 2023 criticized in the U.S.?

It's been more than six months since Toyota announced upcoming changes for the RAV4. The crossover has now debuted a new 10.5-inch touchscreen, a 12.3-inch virtual dashboard and safety systems. Navigation supports online map updates that show the current traffic situation. Optionally, the 2023 Toyota RAV4 is equipped with traffic sign recognition, weather warning and other systems. In addition, the safety complex provides safer turns at intersections, helps with emergency braking and tracks vehicles that drive in the oncoming lane. That is the RAV4 has become noticeably better. However, Americans were dissatisfied with the Japanese model.
Toyota RAV4 2023And yet the design still looks like a bunch of plastic clutter.

Why does Europe get better technology than their U.S. counterparts? And this despite the fact that RAV4 sales in the U.S. market are much higher. Why does Toyota look at Europe and the U.S. so differently?

Such a mess they've created in the cabin that it's impossible to look at it. The RAV4 is supposed to be ergonomic. But I look at the cabin and realize I can't figure out all these controls. How much time will I have to spend on what to learn to drive the car?

This car clearly lacks color variety. Why do competitors offer many options for personalization, but Toyota only offers it as optional packages or special versions of the RAV4? The company continues to cash in on its fans. Soon, wheels will start being offered for a surcharge.
Toyota RAV4 2023These comments are interesting because they show the changing opinion about the RAV4. About a year ago, the majority of Americans who left reviews about the crossover, wrote about it only in a positive way. In particular, the exterior design and interior layout did not cause criticism. But now more and more motorists are speaking negatively about the RAV4. Apparently, it was influenced by the experience of driving the crossover.

Surely, they will set higher prices for the only vehicle in its class, the price of which is already off the charts. But fans keep buying them anyway, because it's a Toyota! They'd probably sell like hotcakes for $100K, too. So where is this recession?

People are willing to pay more for quality. Besides, that cost is not that high. I've owned 4 Toyotas (3 new, one in college) and they've been pretty reliable and forgettable. When you need a car to get you to work Monday-Friday, while changing your oil once a quarter on the weekend, the RAV4 is the optimal car.

I would never spend money on an RAV4 - not only is it grossly overpriced, it's under-equipped. The Toyota name is all you get. And pretty good reliability, too.
Toyota RAV4 2023The second frequently cited disadvantage of the RAV4 is overpriced. Even in the United States, where the Japanese crossover is offered at a relatively affordable price for the local market, there are many dissatisfied with it. This is partly due to the fact that here you can buy a lot of other crossovers, which are not inferior in characteristics to the RAV4. But they cost noticeably less.

I like that they kept the round, well-placed volume control. Toyota customers usually appreciate such traditional things.

Liked the improvements to the still relatively fresh interior.
Toyota RAV4 2023Despite an increase in negative comments, the Toyota RAV4 is still highly popular in the U.S. The Japanese crossover continues to be, in fact, a role model. Although recent changes affecting the RAV4 have increased the number of people who have stopped considering this model for purchase.

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