The updated Toyota RAV4 2021 is now available in an 'off-road' Adventure version

The updated Toyota RAV4 2021 is now available in an 'off-road' Adventure version

At the moment, only one special version has been revealed and only for one region, but the standard 'world' SUV will have the same restyling programme in general.

The updated Toyota RAV4 is now available in an 'off-road' Adventure version

The current fifth-generation Toyota RAV4 crossover debuted in 2018, and now it's time for an upgrade. In general, the first refreshed car back in June announced the Australian division of the brand, but then no photos or even teasers were not - did a verbal description. But the European office of Toyota has shared corporate pictures today, though, they depict only "off-road" version of Adventure. By the way, such version is new for today's RAV4 "Old World", but, for example, in the States, Japan and the same Australia, a similar modification is available initially (on the Green Continent it is called Edge). We shall return to a special variant, meanwhile, we shall consider updates which will cross over to a standard crossover too.

So, for 2022 Toyota RAV4 has got new headlights - they became less elongated, in addition to replaced the diode filling (running lights now on top). Crossover also got new LED fog lights, redesigned wheels. The regular crossover may also have retouched bumpers and grille. Inside the cabin - new backlight (again LED), appeared backlight and power windows, passenger seat now has electric adjustments, plus added USB-C connectors. Actually, that's the whole restyling.

Toyota RAV4 Adventure for Europe

Features RAV4 Adventure - the original grille with two massive "beams" and located in the middle of the emblem of the brand, a little wider wheel arches, relief protective plate in silver colour on the front bumper and black 19-inch wheels. The crossover seats are upholstered in black leather with orange stitching, and the doorsills are marked with the name of the "off-road" version.


The European Toyota RAV4 Adventure is available as a four-wheel drive hybrid with a 2.5 cubic inch diesel engine, an electromechanical variable speed drive and a separate electric motor in the rear. Cumulative giving out - 222 hp. Let's note, the pre-reformed hybrid crossover has the similar installation, therefore, after restyling the technique will be the same. In the Old World RAV4 is still offered with petrol engine 2.0 (175 hp), the usual hybrid also comes with front-wheel drive, besides, there is a rechargeable hybrid crossover with installation on the basis of 2.5 engine (it is also with all-wheel drive, total capacity - 306 hp).

In Europe, sales of the restyled crossover (and Adventure version) are scheduled for the first quarter of next year.

RAV4 updates are likely to get with a delay, and "off-road" performance we have not presented, and do not know that will appear. Actual crossover in the Europe market is available with "atmospheric" 2.0 (149 hp) and 2.5 (199 hp), the first is combined with a six-speed "manual" or variator, the second engine has an eight-speed "automatic". Front or all-wheel drive.

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