When will the 2017 Toyota RAV4 go on sale and price?

When will the 2017 Toyota RAV4 go on sale and price?

Driving impressions


Over the years, the Toyota RAV4 has been at the top of the small crossover ratings and has managed to win many fans. The 2017 model is an updated version of the 2012 fourth-generation RAV4. The car has clearly changed externally for the better, it has been equipped with previously unavailable equipment and improved safety systems. The body is made of special lightweight tempered steel, which allowed crossover to "lose weight" and improve maneuverability. The interior of the updated RAV4 has become quieter, and the ride is smoother and more confident. The model also has a hybrid version which, contrary to the widespread opinion, is not more expensive to maintain than Toyota's non-hybrid car. Moreover, time in traffic jams will be cheaper for your wallet if the model has a hybrid power unit. RAV4 is presented in Passion, Drive, Dynamic and Premium configurations, which allows everyone to choose a model according to its capabilities and preferences.
2017 Toyota RAV4
The male part of the fans of this model has positively met the new design of the RAV4, which has become more masculine, compared to the second and third generations of the crossover, attracting mainly female buyers. Futuristic appearance of the crossover reminds a spaceship that at once awakens thirst for travel. It is also possible to refer absence of spare wheel on a back door to external changes, that, in fact, has allocated RAV4 on road and defined it as a crossover. This change is reflected in the door, which is now not only "bare", but also began to open upwards. In the European and American markets there is no spare part, but for the Ukrainian buyers a special place in the trunk was taken for it. When choosing between the options, it should be taken into account that ground clearance will vary depending on the configuration of the car. Thus, the ground clearance of the hybrid modification is 187 mm, gasoline - 190 mm (2.0 liters) and 163 mm (2.5 liters), diesel - 197 mm. The dimensions of the 2017 Toyota RAW4 have increased, if compared to the third-generation models: length - 4605 mm, height -1670 mm, width - 1845 mm, distance between axles - 2660 mm. Confirming the title of a compact crossover, depending on its configuration the car weighs from 1575 to 1715 kg, despite the miniaturization of the model, the volume of the trunk of the new RAV4 still pleases with its capacity - 577 liters.


 2017 Toyota RAV4The new 2017 Toyota RAV4 offers a comfortable and attractive SUV interior. The surfaces are made of high-quality plastic with soft-touch coating. The already comfortable driver's seat in the high-end models is equipped with lumbar support. Rear seat passengers will be satisfied with the availability of free legroom. The updated dashboard and seven-inch touch screen can't but attract attention.


Toyota RAV4 Specifications

 2017 Toyota RAV4The model with a gasoline 2.5-liter engine has a capacity of 176 k.s., which allows the automobile to accelerate from a place up to the speed of 90 km/h in less than 10 seconds. Certainly, the figure is not very impressive, but it is not disheartening either. The hybrid RAV4 has the same 2.5-liter engine, but with use of Atkinson cycle. In fact, the model with the hybrid powertrain is faster than the RAV4 with the usual engine, accelerating to 90 km/h in 8.1 seconds.




Toyota has significantly increased the level of its top-of-the-line crossover safety system, making the new RAV4 the best in its class. In 2017, the manufacturer added frontal collision avoidance system and blind spot monitoring system. An important safety improvement was the automatic emergency braking, which triggers the car in the absence of driver activity. As you can notice, after tuning the RAV4 has become more "thoughtful". Thus, in case of unintentional lane change the system will react with vibration of a steering wheel. And the automatic inclusion of high beam headlights will secure the participation of the crossover in the road traffic at dusk.



To speak about the sales prospects of the new RAV4, it is necessary to estimate the cost of tuned car, which can disappoint some people. It can be supposed that the price will hardly scare off the fans of the crossover, and the popularity of RAV4 will most likely increase.

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