What are the perfomance of Toyota RAV4 2013?

What are the perfomance of Toyota RAV4 2013?

2013 Toyota RAV4 - world premiere at the Los Angeles International Auto Show

- New sporty design

- Six-speed automatic transmission with switching to Sport and ECO mode

- Eight standard airbags

- All-wheel drive model with DynamicTorque Control


On November 28, 2012, Toyota unveiled its RAV4 crossover for the first time at the Los Angeles International Auto Show.


A fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine, a new six-speed transmission, two rows of seats and multiple technologies make the RAV4 a performance yet original crossover with a distinctive striking design and best-in-class safety. RAV4 will be available in three versions: LE, XLE and Limited.


Performance, handling and efficiency


The new 2013 RAV4 will feature a new drivetrain that will provide driving pleasure. A 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with 176 horsepower will be installed. Production of the previous generation V6 will be discontinued.


The four-speed will be replaced by a six-speed transmission with sequential shifting.


According to EPA estimates, the fuel consumption per 100 miles of the new RAV4 will be: 9.8 liters in the city and 7.6 liters on the highway. All-wheel-drive models will consume 10.7 liters per 100 kilometers within city limits and 8.1 liters on the highway, respectively. The new ECO mode will help to consume fuel more efficiently while driving.

 Toyota RAV4 2013The new RAV4 will give its owners a more dynamic ride thanks to new technologies such as Sport mode and Dynamic Torqu Control AWD, improved suspension and optimized handling.

McPherson front suspension, double wishbone rear suspension and four disc brakes. The LE will ride on 17-inch steel wheels, the XLE will come on 17-inch alloy wheels and the Limited will feature 18-inch alloy wheels.


The all-wheel-drive RAV4 with Dynamic Torque Control has additional benefits. When cornering, power is transferred to the rear wheels to help get through the corner. Dynamic Torque Control has three different drive modes: Auto, Lock and Sport. In Auto mode, the RAV4's power is directed to the front wheels, automatically shifting to all-wheel drive only when necessary. Auto mode improves fuel economy and reduces drivetrain wear.


In Lock mode, at low speeds, the RAV4 has all-wheel drive. At speeds up to 50 km/h in Lock mode, engine power is transferred up to 50% to the rear wheels, increasing traction, keeping the RAV4 from getting bogged down in sand or mud. Lock mode returns automatically when the vehicle's speed exceeds 50 km/h.


The RAV4 with AWD, in Sport mode has additional benefits. It provides smooth and instant torque shifting between the front and rear wheels, helping with cornering. Under certain conditions, Sport mode automatically transfers power to the rear wheels.

RAV4 2013 exterior design


The new RAV4 has received an austere, but at the same time flexible and fun design. Sophisticated and dynamic with a sleek roofline and aggressive lines.

Toyota President Akio Toyoda defines the appearance of the RAV4: aggressive front and building fenders, proportional taillights. The spare tire will be stored in the trunk floor.

 Toyota RAV4 2013As on other 2013 Toyota cars, engineers paid special attention to aerodynamics. The space under the passenger compartment helps the air flow smoothly around the car.


The RAV4's body structure will be made of high-strength steel, which helps achieve several goals, which include a sturdy and rigid platform that enhances steering control. In the RAV4, Toyota engineers used several grades of high-strength steel to make the roof, sills, floor, engine compartment and door frames. Sound-absorbing material and an acoustic windshield helped save weight and create a quiet passenger compartment.

Interior design in the 2013 RAV4


The dashboard in the new RAV4 is focused on the driver, is in easy reach. On the passenger side, the panel creates a feeling of spaciousness. The dashboard features blue backlighting that provides clear visibility in many lighting conditions, including at night.

All versions of the RAV4 will have audio, Bluetooth, and multi-information display (MID) controls on the steering wheel. The front seats have a high backrest. The driver's seat can be adjusted in six directions, including height.


The second row of seats can be tilted back a few degrees for increased comfort.

 Toyota RAV4 2013In contrast to older versions, cargo space in the new RAV4 increased to 38.4 cubic meters, with folded rear seats the maximum volume will be 73.3 cubic meters. Tinted glass, daytime running lights (DRLs), cruise control, power mirrors, central locking and power windows are standard on all RAV4s. The RAV4 XLE features dual-zone automatic climate control, integrated fog lights, power sunroof and heated exterior mirrors with turn signal indicators.

Technology in the new RAV4


All new RAV4 models integrate an audio display with a 6.1-inch LCD touchscreen. A rear-view image will appear on the screen when the vehicle is driven in reverse.


The XLE and Limited models will be available with a GPS navigator and the Entune™ multimedia system with satellite radio and voice recognition technology. The Limited model will also feature a JBL® audio system with a 576-watt subwoofer, 11 speakers and GPS navigation and Entune.


In addition, a Blind Spot Monitor System (BSM) will be available in the Limited model. When the system detects a vehicle in the adjacent lane, it warns the driver with a flashing light on the side mirror.

Safety in the RAV4

 Toyota RAV4 2013All 2013 RAV4s have eight standard airbags. Like any Toyota vehicle, the RAV4 will be equipped with the Star Safety System, which includes traction control, electronic brake force distribution, advanced vehicle stability control, Brake Assist, anti-lock braking system and Smart Stop technology.

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